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General meeting - the reliability and experience

Any meeting of shareholders and management is an important event that must run smoothly, in accordance with the law and statues of the client and at the same time represent them. We take the full responsibility for preparing and making the general meeting a satisfactory event for sponsors, shareholders and the authorities. After the event we take further steps in accordance with the results of the general meeting and provide you with the necessary consulting.

Your uniqueness = our inspiration

The general meeting is a formal event which has to follow specific processes, but each client is different. Therefore, we listen to your individual needs and requirements. Whether we arrange the entire general meeting or only provide partial services (e.g., surveillance), you can always rely on receiving the most appropriate solutions.

We understand the rights and obligations

Just a minor misconduct during the process and the long-planned meeting of the board and shareholders may become invalid. How do we prevent this? Our long-time experience and the professional knowledge of our legal experts give our client security. We assure that the General Meeting will neither be challenged in the court nor made invalid by the state financial supervision. Unlike others we not only promise but also guarantee this security in the contract.

Important is to know

We continuously monitor and apply in practice new laws, regulations, decrees, case law and other relevant information.

Absolute care from the beginning

Only the company that has held dozens of General Meeting can have an elaborate system and verified procedures to secure a smooth run of the Meetings. We guarantee all these positive features. Our company pays careful attention to every detail, because each helps to create the final outcome. We keep the deadlines defined by both the law and our client, precisely prepare all the necessary materials and provide all other requisite leading towards a successful event.

Be seen and heard

General Meeting requires having all kinds of equipments and installations. We will bring and install modern technology to register all participants quickly and smoothly: providing immediate results of voting without any complications, ensuring everybody can hear clearly when comfortably observing the running of your General Meeting from further places on a large-scale projector. We will make an audio or a video record of the event.

Independent workers ensure objectivity


Why us

1.png We guarantee the validity of General meeting's resolution
2.png We have had hundreds of realizations = we have experience
3.png We are a professional staff operating as a team.
4.png We work with our own technical background from the eSolution division
5.png This is all in accordance to the company law / legislation

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