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Idea, Project, Realization

During the existence of any company there happens to be a number of substantial and very important events concerning administration and management of the company, which have an impact on shares and shareholders. The goal of these events is to streamline the business growth and / or to achieve better financial results.

Strategic events such as:

Creation and alteration of the statutes 
Establishing, changing or liquidation of the company 
Changing to the form of shares 
Increase or reduction in capital stock
The implementation or abolition of public tradability of shares

A high level of professionalism with standards

While these processes are unique and unusual for our client, we meet them on every-day basis. A high level of professionalism without compromise is a must because any marginal mistake may cause heavy complications at the end, extend the project, and make it more expensive. We save not only the clients time but also their money with our knowledge and experience.

You will reach your goals with us

Interested in our services We give our helping hand to those interested in our services so you can reach the desired goal. We guarantee to cope accurately, smoothly and comprehensively with the most difficult and strategic processes.

In terms of services we will advise and recommend the most appropriate procedure, calculate financial costs, develop and provide all necessary documents and perform all other steps leading to successful results. It is only up to you, whether you use our company for consultation or for the management and realization of the whole project"as on key".

Our know-how system serves you

In order to reach perfect management the cooperation among number of experts from different fields is essential, fields from legislation through book-keeping, effective negotiations with the authorities and automatic data processing (click on eSolution) to project management. Our team of specialists is ready to help you.


Why us

1.png We guarantee the validity of General meeting's resolution
2.png We have had hundreds of realizations = we have experience
3.png We are a professional staff operating as a team.
4.png We work with our own technical background from the eSolution division
5.png This is all in accordance to the company law / legislation

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