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Formula driver relies on monopostos, perfectly prepared by his team, while driving. Top doctors need a staff that supports their performance in surgery with side interventions. To have a so-called"right hand"is therefore a natural element helping the society to reach the best results. But what will help a manager, a board member, a managing director or any other high-ranking person with decision-making powers?

Assistance in management means therefore a strong and competent background, which you can rely on. This modern service covers many common and even substandard operations emerging from the performance of your company. The service is mainly concerning the administration, legislation of processes and documents and combines the analysis and consultation with the performance of each specific task. 

A team of our best experts is involved in this assistance service and provides service concerning legal issues, finance and book-keeping, negotiation with authorities, internal processes and project management...

We will take over of your issues

New laws, notices and other legal enactments, their updates and interpretations interfere with the functioning of your company every day. We will keep track and control all informational sources, analyze the changes and immediately apply them to your company so everything functions properly in accordance with the law and legislations.

Thereby we can avoid obsoleteness, causing errors in contracts, directives and in other documents and processes. Therefore, you will not have to worry about fines, unpleasant letters and other sanctions by the authorities or other entities. We guarantee our work.

Better and easier

Forms, applications, certifications, documents with many attachments, approval and other processes ... This administration and bureaucracy within your company or with the authorities and other subjects is difficult and complex.

When communicating with subjects outside, it is necessary to meet the deadlines, keep formal structures and content, provide all necessary information and confirmation. Eg. Missing seal or wrong sealed envelope are details, but because of them the entire company may be penalized by the authority. Why should you risk and in addition waste time and money when we will arrange the entire agenda correctly and on time for you?

Internal processes and prints are often to complicated, take a lot of time, or hold employees even contain unwanted errors. At your request we will check all subjects and suggest you, where you can not only save your money and time but also accelerate all processes and make them more pleasant. You will be pleasantly surprised how much money you can earn from the"hidden"sources.

Project Management

The performance of any business requires continuous creation, management and monitoring of projects. Sometimes it is not possible to solve all of them on your own. At that moment, contact us.

At the beginning of the project we will provide, evaluate and present all necessary information depending on your a task, whether it is a revision of the Directive on the drawing of travel costs, training for certification or an establishment of a new subdivision abroad. Based on the data presented to you, we will help you make the decision on further steps. Then we will take care of the realization according to a fixed schedule. We will select partners for cooperation, provide statements and communicate with the authorities.

We will, of course, inform you in detail about all our steps and take action only with your approval. 

We will keep an eye on your interests and needs

Our assistant monitors all events according to the client wish. The client (you) determines what is to be monitored. We will process these facts and present them into a desired form to analyze the company's management and, consequently, will inform you about the most appropriate and suitable implementation of the plan.

Contact us

Do you want to have more space on the strategic company management, strengthen your position on the market, and increase your competitiveness? Would you like to get more free time for yourself and your family? If so, please contact us.

The main advantages of our cooperation

  • More free time and money for you at the end
  • Competent partner for the promotion of qualified decision-making
  • ISO quality
  • More than 15 years of experience
  • Reliability

Why us

1.png We guarantee the validity of General meeting's resolution
2.png We have had hundreds of realizations = we have experience
3.png We are a professional staff operating as a team.
4.png We work with our own technical background from the eSolution division
5.png This is all in accordance to the company law / legislation

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